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5cladb 5cl-adb 5-cl-adb 5-cladb

5cladb 5cl-adb 5-cl-adb 5-cladb

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5-cl-adb is a synthetic cannabinoid,it is to an active ingredient in synthetic cannabis products. 5cladb is a potent agonist of the CB1 receptor,now it is still unknown whether it is selective for this target.5cl-adb was first released in November 2015.Following testing identified 5cl-adb to have been present in a total of ten people who had suffered from unexplained drug overdoses in Japan between December 2016 and September 2016. 5cl-adb is reported to be very potent according to the very low levels detected in tissue samples,and shows to be dramatically more toxic than earlier synthetic cannabinoid drugs that had previously been sold online.

 In 2017, 5c-adb was the most common synthetic cannabinoid to be reported in Drug Enforcement Administration sei zures. 5cl-adb was also recognized in some cannabidiol products from a US-based 5cladb manufacturer in 2013.

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