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The Lakers desperately need a second scorer

The Lakers desperately need a second scorer

Well, to a certain extent, a win is a win, I guess. Though if Luke Walton and the rest of the Los Angeles Lakers coaching staff if holding off on making changes that could really help the team, maybe, just maybe, a loss would’ve actually hel-...

Just kidding. We aren’t going that far.

But for today’s Thanksgiving edition of the Locked on Lakers Podcast, we start by once again talking about the starters. Basically, they aren’t playing nearly well enough to remain a starting unit. Fortunately, Kyle Kuzma’s continued substandard play might make Walton’s choice easy for him if and when that choice gets made.

From there, we discussed something the Lakers hoped Brandon Ingram would grow into, but appear to still desperately need: A legitimate secondary scoring presence. They might actually be hurting his game with the way they’ve developed him, and Pete has an absolutely insane stat about this.

I tried to avoid heading into the holiday weekend with a hot take, but Pete made me do it. I’ll give you the beginnings of it, but you’re going to have to listen for the whole thing. It has to do with the way the Lakers are developing Ingram, and where he might wind up when it’s all said and done. Those who are hoping he remains a Laker forever might not want to listen.

Finally, we do send everyone into the holiday weekend on a couple high notes. The Lakers are still heading in the right direction, and they did win their sixth game in seven tries. As Pete and I recorded this after the game, we played a round of “funniest thing we saw” during Lakers-Cavs, too.

It wouldn’t be a Thanksgiving show if we didn’t give thanks. So, in this space, I’m going to thank you. Your continued support has actually made our dreams come true.

As always, this is just a tidbit of the full context given in the shows. Listen to the full discussions below and please check out old episodes, or guarantee you won’t miss any ever again by subscribing to either “The Silver Screen and Roll Podcast” or “Locked on Lakers” on iTunes.

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