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About us

Welcome here,Yuechem Biochemical Co.,Ltd was founded in 2011 by three doctors of chemistry and pharmacy degree.Sarted from a small lab of two rooms,now we have established research team,production plant and sale team.For 8 years Yuechem has focused on the research, production and sale of research chemicals,steroid and HGH,the achievement is magnificant.

Our research team is so skillful,we understand the market so well that we always are able to launch new products at the first time.Also we welcome clients who needs custom make. The quality of our products will always be guaranteed,clients will be satisfied.

A sample before actual order is always reccomended,though we are confident with our products.Furthermore,orders of any quatity is welcome.

In addition to get the chemicals of high quality,our clients will also enjoy and benefit from our flexible payment options and reliable shipping way.For many years we cooperated with the most experienced shipping company,we know which shipping way suits you best.And we make sure you will get what you have paid for.

For 8 years,Yuechem have supplied a large number of cilents all over the world with high-quality products and service. So many longstanding cooperations are founded.Soon we earned a good reputation as a skillful efficient and reliable team.

You will be offered qualified products,competitive price,the best service and shipping way.We are looking for longstanding cooperation,this is much more than business.

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